SmartenApps for DrugPlus

SmartenApps for DrugPlus

SmartenApps for DrugPlus

in partnership with Soham ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Augmented Analytics with Business Intelligence
Pre-Built Reporting

Ready-To-Use Analytics for DrugPlus by Soham ERP

Achieve Fact-Based Decisions, Gain True Insight into Issues and Opportunities
Near Real-time Access, User-Friendly Dashboards, KPI and Reporting

SmartenApps for DrugPlus provides users with fast, easy insight into data and access to a suite of value-added tools and features.  Business users can analyze key business indicators with meaningful data and easy-to-use analytics. SmartenApps enables users with analytics integration for confident decision-making.


DrugPlus by Soham ERP is a world-class ERP solution designed to meet the needs of Bulk Drug Suppliers, Traders, and Exporters serving multiple Pharmaceutical Formulation companies. DrugPlus supports suppliers with tools to manage inventory, purchasing, accounts, sales, indirect sales, payments, receipts, payables, receivables and more. For more than two decades, DrugPlus has served the needs of its clients, helping them to maximize market presence and potential.

Soham ERP is a leading software solution provider in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than twenty (20) years of experience and a comprehensive suite of products serving the pharmaceutical ecosystem.  Their suite of solutions is innovatively designed to support creative, rapid results for clients and team members. Its commitment to excellence extends beyond technology and business with a continuous focus on quality and processes for measurable business benefits. Soham ERP provides a breadth of solutions from strategy to execution to serve the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Smarten provides a suite of augmented analytics tools and features. Its solution is accredited by Gartner and recognized for its approach to business user analytics and its intuitive capabilities and functionality.  Smarten offers stunning, clear visualization, dynamic charts and graphs, modern and traditional business intelligence features, and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics.

Explore the BENEFITS
SmartenApps for DrugPlus

  • Business Users enjoy near real-time access to recent transactions and data
  • Web and Native Mobile access to data allows for convenient, easy access to data
  • Enjoy fifteen (15) days of free use and data access with simple, affordable licensing fees thereafter
  • Start-up is easy! Ready-to-use within minutes
  • Out-of-the-box analytics, dashboards and reports including Overview, Sales and Purchase, Bank and Cash, Payables and Receivables, Inventory, Taxes, Ledger, Drill-Down, and Reports.

How It Works

The SmartenApps for DrugPlus solution is built on elegant, secure technology with simple architecture and design.

Seamless Technology

  • The on-premises DrugPlus desktop application is connected to a secured cloud server and pushes data at a predefined frequency
  • The native mobile application and web app communicates with the cloud server fetching and displaying data, graphs and reports, quickly and with complete clarity
  • All user interactions and transactions are secure

SmartenApps for DrugPlus Analytics Solution Overview – Web Interface


Clear, concise overview of key business parameters, including Sales, Purchase, Payable & Receivable, Income & Expense, Cash & Bank and Duties and Taxes, Monthly Trends, Top and Bottom Analysis, Contribution Analysis, and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Users can explore sales to date, monthly, quarterly, and annual KPI and trends, monthly sales, top customers and detailed sales register(s).


Explore trends and patterns within results for banking and cash over a date range, compare results from historical time periods.


Review detailed payables and receivables for creditors and debtors, by products, services, or components. Identify trends for overdue collections and more.


Examine inventory for shortages or overages. Review overstock, understock, suppliers, products, shipping, and distribution.


Analyze historical tax data, taxes due, estimated tax obligations, and future taxes.


Review ledger entries and balances with drill-down to individual voucher level.


Explore pre-built drill-down reports to see balances at higher levels, and to drill-down into the hierarchy at the ledger and transaction level. 


Discover interactive reports with drill-down capability to slice and dice data by vendor, product, service, cost, sales person, location, customer, inventory, purchasing, costs, and more.

SmartensApps for DrugPlus – Web Interface

SmartenApps for DrugPlus – Mobile App Interface

  • Identify and Manage Key Indicators
  • Track Trends and Analyze
  • Review and Analyze Recent Transactions
  • Share Reports and Business Intelligence (BI) using PDF and XLS Formats via WhatsApp, Email etc.
  • View All Ledger and Voucher Details 
  • Explore All Products and Inventory Detail
  • Enjoy Intuitive Search Options and Text Searches
  • Fast and Easy Full Company Data Extraction
  • Rapid Loading of Application
  • Near Real-Time Access to DrugPlus Data on the Go
  • Easy-to-Use, Native Mobile App User Interface

To find out more about SmartenApps for DrugPlus by Soham ERP, to schedule a demo or installation, or to speak with a sales representative contact Soham ERP Solutions at, or call +91 93282 12251 for more information.