SmartenApps for Retailware

SmartenApps for Retailware

SmartenApps for Retailware

in partnership with Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Augmented Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting …all Integrated with Retailware ERP!

Drive Results with Fact-Based Decisions, Spot Trends, Issues and Opportunities.

Near Real-time Access, Intuitive Dashboards, KPIs and Flexible Reporting

With SmartenApps for Retailware, business users can gain insight into data using intuitive, value-added tools and features. Analyze key business indicators with relevant, clear, concise analytics and data integration to enable confident decisions and strategies.

Retailware is a world-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for retail business verticals.

The Retailware solution supports all manner of retail needs from supermarket to local kirana stores, and enables management activities for products, SKUs, Point of Sale (POS), customers, inventory, sales, purchasing, electronic invoicing, Goods and Services Tax (GST), compliance, loyalty program management, and more.

Throughout its 20+ year history, Retailware has served more than 5000 retail companies, helping its clients to maximize market presence and potential.

Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd. specializes in software solutions for micro, small and medium retailers. The Retailware story began with the grocery vertical industry and extended to garments, pharmacy, jewelery, sweet marts, footwear, innerwear, agri-machinery, mobile stores, tea outlets, cafeterias and more, covering all verticals within the retail space.

The Smarten suite of augmented analytics is accredited by Gartner and recognized for its intuitive, easy-to-use analytics tools and techniques.

Smarten offers Smart Data Visualization, Assisted Predictive Modeling, Self-Serve Data Preparation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and search analytics, as well as modern business intelligence features, and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to clients achieve and sustain a competitive edge.

Consider the Benefits of SmartenApps for Retailware

  • Users have near real-time access to recent transactions and data
  • Web access allows for intuitive analysis
  • The SmartenApps for Retailware is free to use for 15 days with simple, affordable licensing fees thereafter
  • Start-up is easy, within a few minutes

SmartenApps for Retailware provides value right out-of-the-box with augmented analytics, intuitive dashboards and reporting that includes Overview, Sales & Purchase, Sales Return & Purchase Return, Payables and Receivables, Taxes and Reports.

How It Works

The SmartenApps for Retailware solution is founded on elegant, simple and secure technology and architecture.

  • On-premises/cloud Retailware desktop application is connected to secured cloud server to push data at predefined frequency
  • Web app communicates with the cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports
  • All interaction and transactions are secure

SmartenApps for Retailware Analytics Solution Overview – Web Interface


Overview of key business parameters, e.g., Sales, Purchase, Payable & Receivable, Income & Expense, Cash & Bank and Duties and Taxes, and monthly trends. Also includes Top and Bottom Analysis, Contribution Analysis, and KPI analysis of these key indicators.


Explore sales to date, and monthly, quarterly and yearly KPI and trends. Analyze monthly sales, top customers and sales return.


Contribution of sales by customer, product, city, supplier and categories. Analyzing top and bottom contributing factors.


Breakdown payments and receipts by creditors and debtors as well as by branches, month and entity.


Explore purchase to date, and monthly, quarterly and yearly KPI and trends. Analyze monthly purchase, top customers and purchase return.

SmartensApps for Retailware – Web Interface

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