Discover the many benefits of augmented analytics and enjoy integration with enterprise apps to improve accessibility, productivity and data analytics for fact-based decisions and resource optimization.You know the value of your enterprise applications.

Your users are familiar with these applications and their features and functionality provide benefits to your organization.

If you would like to add augmented analytics, modern business in intelligence, KPIs and reporting  to your tool kit and you want to use analytics tools with your favorite business applications, you can do so without expensive customization, additional training or lengthy implementation schedules.

Access data in your enterprise apps and use that data to solve problems, find opportunities, forecast and predict, all within the intuitive SmartenApps analytics tools. SmartenApps is based on the Smarten Augmented Analytics solution and provides sophisticated, easy-to-use advanced data discovery tools, and modern business intelligence features that are easy enough for every business user to adopt.

SmartenApps ensures business user empowerment and allows business users to access and analyze data from their favorite business app and use that data to make accurate decisions and share data with others. Users can leverage features like self-serve data preparation, smart data visualization and assisted predictive modeling. These features support natural language processing (NLP) to users can find and use information in a way that is meaningful to them without the skills of a data scientist or IT professional.

The Benefits of SmartenApps

Leverage your familiar, valuable apps data, and investment

Access to critical data on mobile devices – from anywhere

Seamless Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud – based access

Affordable licensing fees (following free trial period)

Awesome support for registration and training

The SmartenApps Family of Solutions

SmartenApps integrates the Smarten Augmented Analytics solution and BI tools with popular and familiar enterprise applications. The SmartenApps family of solutions is designed to serve enterprise users with targeted integration solutions to support specific user needs.

SmartenApps for Tally®

SmartenApps for Tally! SmartenApps for Tally is a cloud based solution that accesses data from your Tally ERP solution to extract data and push that data to a Smarten hosted cloud server. Customers can access and leverage data from the Smarten cloud, without the need to install and manage Smarten from their enterprise server. SmartenApps for Tally is a 100% browser-based, full scale self-serve business intelligence and reporting solution that is ready to use and includes analytics dashboards, KPIs, reports etc. Users have access to all Tally data including bank, cash, payables, receivables, inventory, sales, purchase, and ledgers and more. Users can also leverage the Smarten Mobile App to access Tally data from anywhere, using a mobile device.
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SmartenApps for Microsip®

in partnership with IndicadoresPYME

Data-Driven Decisions, Near Real-Time Access, Intuitive Analysis, Web and Native Mobile App Access

With SmartenApps for Microsip®, business users in the Mexico market gain access to BI for Microsip and insight into data contained within the Microsip ERP solution. Team members can analyze key business indicators with relevant data and intuitive analytics. SmartenApps for Microsip provides seamless analytics integration and fact-based decision-making. SmartenApps for Microsip offers stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs, modern business intelligence features, KPIs and Geo Maps for detailed analysis.

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SmartenApps for DrugPlus by Soham ERP


Insight into Issues and Opportunities, Fact-Based Decisions, User-Friendly Dashboards, KPI and Reporting

SmartenApps for DrugPlus provides users with fast, easy insight into data and access to a suite of value-added tools and features.  Business users can analyze key business indicators with meaningful data and easy-to-use analytics. SmartenApps for DrugPlus enables users with analytics integration for confident decision-making. Out-of-the-box analytics, dashboards, and reports.

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Smarten:  eCommerce Analytics for Shopify

Augmented Analytics and Reporting Integrated with Shopify eCommerce

Make Fact-Based Decisions, Solve Problems & Identify Opportunities with Clear Reporting & Metrics

With Smarten eCommerce Analytics, users gain insight into data in a unique and meaningful way! Users enjoy seamless login and registration. Within minutes users will see Shopify eCommerce data in Smarten with prebuilt analytics templates. Enjoy a free evaluation of the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics solution and then choose from one of flexible pricing plans to suit your needs. Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify provides value out-of-the-box with vital eCommerce dashboards and reports to manage business health and identify opportunities to expand and grow your eCommerce business. It provides sales reports, sales trends and sales contribution, advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to reveal Customer Lifetime value (LTV), Customer Cohorts, Customer Loyalty and Product Cross Sell.

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Stay tuned! SmartenApps integration of the Smarten solution will soon be available for many of your favorite business applications.

If you wish to request that our team consider integration of SmartenApps with a specific business enterprise application, Contact Us here.

Achieve seamless data access from within your favorite business applications. Ensure dependability, mobility, and data democratization with an intuitive user experience. Focus on results and empower business users. Allow business users with average skills to gather, compile, format, prepare, share and report on data using sophisticated tools and algorithms – all without specialized skills, knowledge of statistical analysis or support from IT or professional data scientists!

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