Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify

Augmented Analytics and Reporting Integrated with Shopify eCommerce

Make Fact-Based Decisions, Solve Problems & Identify Opportunities with Clear Reporting & Metrics

With Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify, users gain insight into data in a unique and meaningful way! The app provides the value of analytics integration and fact-based decision-making.

Users enjoy seamless login and registration. Within minutes users will see Shopify eCommerce data in Smarten with prebuilt analytics templates. Choose from one of three flexible pricing plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum) to suit your needs.

Accredited by Gartner and recognized for its intuitive, easy-to-use analytics, Smarten offers stunning visualization, dynamic charts and graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics to help you sustain a competitive edge.

Smarten goes far beyond Visual Analytics tools that simply monitor data. The Smarten app reimagines analytics with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that dive deep into data, drill down and through data and allow users to interact with data to make data-driven decisions.  

Smarten eCommerce Analytics for Shopify provides value out-of-the-box with vital eCommerce dashboards and reports to manage business health and identify opportunities to expand and grow your eCommerce business. It provides sales reports, sales trends and sales contribution, advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to reveal Customer Lifetime value (LTV), Customer Cohorts, Customer Loyalty and Product Cross Sell.

Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify Pre-Built Analytics Features Include:


Overview of sales performance including the number of orders, average order value per customer, gross, net and total sales and expenses for discount, shipping and taxes.


KPIs, daily, weekly and cumulative sales to manage and monitor performance, and reveal performance by country, brand, customer. Monitors cart abandonment and recovery, product return by month, country, etc.


Track KPIs by customers, maximum orders, average customer order, and customer values, customers with the most returns.


Users can track orders per month placed by a set of customers, and the value. Determine how long a customer stays on the site, and the lifetime value for a period. Understand customer loyalty, and identify customers who ordered the most items, and the period of time during which orders were placed.


Review and manage data regarding most frequently ordered products, brands, product variables, etc.


All dashboards allow for drill down analysis, and offer ready-to-use reports to view and export data, using CSV.
– Sales by Country, Brand, SKU, Customer and Source
– New vs Returning Customers by Country
– Merchants can request new reports at additional cost

Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify Sample Analyses

Customer Life Time Value
Customer Loyalty
Product Cross Sell

KPIs, Daily, Weekly and Cumulative Sales to manage and monitor performance.

Customer Life Time Value

Group marketing and demography subjects to reveal characteristics and reflect spending for a period of time or a customer type or group

Customer Loyalty

Analyze customers based on number of orders, and time period of purchases to identify inactive, lay on the line, loyal, firm, anticipating, leaving and new customers

Product Cross Sell

Reveals products frequently bundled by customers, the maximum products sold in combinations and number of times they are purchased together

Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify FAQs

Definition of Terms
Understanding Smarten: eCommerce Analytics KPIs & Reports
Answers to Other Questions

It’s simple! All you have to do is

  1. install the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics app from the app store,
  2. wait less than five (5) minutes for the data synchronization process to be completed, and
  3. get started!

When you sign up for the 14-day free trial you will have access to the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics Silver Package. At any point during the 14-day free trial, you can choose a subscription, but you will not be billed until your 14-day free trial ends. Throughout the period of your paid subscription plan, you will be billed on a monthly basis on the same schedule as your Shopify monthly billing cycle.

You can cancel your Smarten: eCommerce Analytics subscription at any time simply by uninstalling the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics app.

No! All of the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics apps subscriptions are based on a monthly plan, and you can unsubscribe whenever you wish.

If you have an order volume above your plan limit (Silver = less than 5,000 order, Gold = less than 15,000 orders, Platinum = more than 15,000 orders), you may continue using the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics app on the existing subscription plan, but it will only fetch and display data for the number of orders/customers provided by your plan.

For example, if you subscribed to a Silver Plan which stipulates 5,000 or less orders, and you exceed that with 8,000 orders, your dashboard and reports will only display orders/customers up to the 5,000-order threshold.

Definition of Terms


Number of Orders

Units per Transaction

Average Number of Items Purchased per Order

Average Order Value

(Total Value of Orders - Discounts – Refunds + Taxes + Shipping Cost) / Number of Orders

Gross Sales

Total Value of Orders


Total discounts applied to orders


Amount refunded in orders

Net Sales

Total Value of Orders - Discounts – Refunds


Total Shipping Value to Orders


Total Taxes

Total Sales

Total Value of Orders - Discounts – Refunds + Taxes + Shipping Cost

Avg Sales Per Day

(Total Value of Orders - Order Refunds) / Number of Orders

Average Orders Per Day

Number of Orders within a specific time period / Number of days within that period


Number of Customers who have placed a minimum of 1 order

Average Customer Value

Total Amount of Orders / Number of Customers who have placed a minimum of 1 order

Average Order Per Customer

Number of Orders / Number of Customers who have placed a minimum of 1 Order

Gross Revenue

Total sales after discounts, but before refunds, shipping, and taxes.

Gross revenue = Total sales – Discounts

Net Revenue

Total sales after discounts and refunds, but before shipping and taxes.

Net revenue = Total sales - (Discounts + Refunds)


eCommerce Analytics will always use net revenue where applicable.

Understanding Smarten: eCommerce Analytics KPIs & Reports

In the field of statistics, marketing and demography, a cohort is defined as ‘a group of subjects who share a defining characteristic’. The example above displays Cohorts for the number of Customers and for Customer Value. The graph on the left displays the customers who were joined in May-19, and shopped in May-19, Jun-19 and Jul-19, etc. The graph on the right displays the customers joined in May-19 spend 22,450 and the same set of customers with purchases 9,080 in Jun-19 and 10,080 in Jul-19. These graphs reveal patterns by displaying customers joined in a particular month and the spending history of those customers.

Customer loyalty

This graph defines the number of customers and the percentage of distribution based on the number of orders per customer and the period during which they made a purchase. Here, one can identify the customers who have not made a purchase within the past twelve (12) months identified as “Inactive”, as well as the customers who made a purchase within the past 6-12 months, identified as ‘Lay On The Line’ of becoming ‘Inactive’ and customers who purchased products within the past 1-6 months, bifurcated into ‘Loyal, Anticipating and Leaving’. These labels are assigned based upon the number of orders during that period. Customers who ordered within the past 30 days are identified as ‘New’ customers and, based on the number of orders they placed during that period, they are identified as ‘Firm’.

Order Repurchase

The graph on the top depicts the number of days gap between customer order ‘1’ and customer order ‘2’ and the gap between order ‘3’ and beyond. This graph highights the repurchasing capacity and reveals the number of customers per month. The graph below indicates the rate of ‘re-purchase’ for orders between 1 order and 2 orders, 3 orders and beyond.

This graph shows the number of product combinations customers bought together. The X-axis reveals the Top 20 Products and the maximum products sold in combination with products on the Y-axis. The legends display the range and the number of times the products were purchased together.


While the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics subscription provides numerous reports, clients sometimes require additional reports or dashboards. Custom requirements can be addressed at an additional cost based on the requirement. Subscribers may Contact Us to discuss requirements.

Answers to Other Questions

At present, the Smarten: eCommerce Analytics app only supports a single store environment.

If you reviewed our FAQ section and you still have questions, please feel free to Contact Us for support!

Smarten: eCommerce Analytics for Shopify

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