Can I Find eCommerce Analytics for Shopify?

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Can I Find eCommerce Analytics for Shopify?

I Know I Need Analytics for My Shopify eCommerce Site. Now What?

So, you’ve decided to stop guessing about the results and the competitive strategy of your Shopify eCommerce site. You know you have a lot of competition and you know you can’t depend on what external forces might affect your business in the coming months or years. But, once you have decided you need to analyze your data and use that data to make decisions, you have to take the next step. 

You have to select an analytics solution to help you gather and understand the data and make better decisions. If you choose the right augmented analytics solution, you can easily integrate that solution with your eCommerce software. For Shopify, that eCommerce Analytics Solution is one that will help users gain insight into date in a unique and meaningful way without requiring the user to learn a whole new software package or get a degree in data science. 

The app provides analytics integration so users can login and register in minutes and enjoy pre-built analytics templates and reports. Moreover, you users can go beyond visual analytics and simple data monitoring to take action. There are dashboards that allow for drill down and drill through and out-of-the-box reports that allow you to manage the health of the business. Users can share sales reports, sales trends and contribution, advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) to give you real objective metrics and reports on customer lifetime value, customer cohorts, customer loyalty and product cross sell to find those opportunities that will expand your business and improve your revenue. 

Talk to your Shopify consultants and find out how easy it is to implement this analytical capability using a solution that Integrates Shopify With Augmented Analytics and Contact Us today to find out how this approach can help you achieve your goals.