Tally ERP Analytics: Providing a Comprehensive Picture of Business!

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Tally ERP Analytics: Providing a Comprehensive Picture of Business!

The Tally ERP Solution is a popular accounting and financial application that is used by many business professionals. It acts as a repository for crucial business information and allows for data entry and reporting. But, today every team member is expected to contribute to business direction, problem solving and leveraging of opportunities and the accounting and financial world is no exception. In order to provide the type of clear, detailed business intelligence and reporting required by managers and senior executives, team members must have easy-to-use tools that will offer clear insight into Tally business intelligence and data.

Standard Tally reports provide some support for this type of analytical activity, but having an integrated analytics app that can pull together data and present it in a clear Tally dashboard will go a long way toward providing the kind of information business users need and offer quick, clear information. Tally KPIs offer users the ability to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and achieve measurable results, determine which activities and investments and strategies are working and where changes should be made to achieve better results.

Consider the flexibility and comprehensive coverage of a full suite of pre-built templates accessible through a desktop web interface. These reports include and Overview of key business parameters including sales and purchasing to explore sales to date, monthly, quarterly and yearly, top customers and detailed sales registers, monthly trends with top and bottom analysis, contribution analysis and KPI analysis payables and receivables with a breakdown of creditors, debtors, products, services and components as well as trends, income and expense, cash and bank to explore trends and patterns over a period of time and compare results from previous periods, inventory shortages, overages, overstock, understock, suppliers, products, shipping and distribution, taxes for previous tax periods, future analysis, tax summaries and tax estimates, cost center balances and analysis of cost center groups and accounts and associated ledgers, ledger entries and balances with drill down to voucher level, drill down into ledgers and transactions, account statements for statutory submission, review of balance sheets, trial balances, profit and loss and various interactive reports to drill down, slice and dice by vendor, product, service, cost, sales person, location, customer, inventory, purchasing, costs and more.

This comprehensive dashboard environment provides the detail and the summary reporting and visualization your users need to work at every level – operational, strategic, tactical etc.

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