Tally Mobile App Provides Simple BI Tools!

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Tally Mobile App Provides Simple BI Tools!

Tally Mobile App with BI Tools is Just the Beginning!

Tally® Solution is a very popular accounting and finance-related application and that popularity, accessibility and value-add has been increased by the integration of BI tools into the Tally dashboard. This accessibility provides the foundation for a full and robust business intelligence tool that will benefit the organization in the future.

The Mobile App for Tally provides BI features like KPIs, trends and reports and summaries, thereby expanding the usefulness and flexibility of the tools for users who need to get the job done in a mobile environment.

As users become familiar with these basic tools and embrace the improved productivity and decision-making power, businesses will engender the curiosity and creativity that comes with more and better business intelligence and information. Ad hoc reporting and self-serve analytics are just the beginning and the integration of BI tools provided by ElegantJ BI and the rich and popular Tally Solution for accounting and finance-related activities is the perfect combination for starting the organization down the path toward meaningful business intelligence and access for business users.

Tally Mobile App connects your enterprise so users are always in touch. Contact Us today and let us help you discover how the Mobile App for Tally can help your users and your business.