Mobile App for Tally – All Access All the Time!

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Mobile App for Tally – All Access All the Time!

Tally Mobile App Gets the Job Done – No Matter What That Job Is!

Tally® is such a popular application for accounting and related management tools! It is hard to imagine it being more useful than it already is but Tally Mobile App makes this popular application even more useful and beneficial.

Tally on Mobile is accessible through iOS and Android devices and provides support in near real-time for managers, users and team members on the go. Users today find themselves performing tasks and getting work done in airports, hotels, client locations and on the road.

The Mobile App for Tally and the Tally dashboard are now available to make users more productive and help them make better decisions with Basic BI Tools and access to the information they need. Whether you are an account manager, an owner/manager of a small business or start-up or a finance or accounting professional accessing payables, receivables, or even a finance manager or sales manager looking at cash flows or budgets, there is no reason you have to work without all the information. Tally on mobile connects to the desktop Tally app and allows for access to Recent Transaction Review and Analysis. Users can share reports in PDF and XLS via WhasApp, email or other options and all ledgers and products are displayed. The access supports seamless search options and text searches throughout the app and full company data extraction is fast.

Tally Mobile App lets you fulfill your role and handle your responsibilities with ease of access and great performance.

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