You Can Use Analytics to Perfect Your eCommerce Results!

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You Can Use Analytics to Perfect Your eCommerce Results!

Imagine an eCommerce World Where You Can Really SEE Results to Make Decisions!

When an eCommerce or online business undertakes a review of product or service offerings, pricing, marketing campaigns and channels, sales results and planning for the future, it is often hard to gather all the data and details and see the way forward clearly.

If you are using Shopify as an eCommerce solution, you have plenty of features to use to promote your products or services and to keep your content evergreen. You can manage your search engine optimization and payments and many other aspects of your work but a deep dive into analytics may be outside the scope of your activities and skill.

There are opportunities for your team to achieve clear results and to use those results to make decisions about the future of the business, the products, and the specific activities and tasks for which they are responsible. And your team members do not have to be data scientists or business analysts and they don’t have to have sophisticated technical skills.

The beauty of this approach is that business users who have adopted and understand the Shopify solution do not have to learn a complex new advanced analytical solution, nor do they need to have data science skills. There is a solution that allows for integration of augmented analytics into the eCommerce arena with pre-built reports to reveal sales performance to track your orders, the average order value for a customer, gross, net and total sales and more.

You can see sales trends with key performance indicators (KPIs), weekly and cumulative sales and data by country, brand, and customer. Business users can use customer dashboards to see data by customer, orders averages and customer value and leverage information on customer lifetime value, how long your customer stays on the site and the value of the customer for  particular period of time. A product dashboard allows for visualization of data about products, brands and product variables. And, pre-built BI Reports allow for drill down analytics and viewing and export to CSV to understand sales by country, SKU or source, new vs. returning customers by country and more.

If you are looking for a way to really understand your data and use that insight to make the best, most accurate decisions for your business,  you can easily implement analytical capability using a solution that Integrates Shopify With Augmented Analytics, and provide your users and business a meaningful way to compete and succeed, and you can evaluate the solution in a free trial to determine the business benefits.   

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