Easy Shopify Analytics With Sales Trends, KPIs And More!

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Easy Shopify Analytics With Sales Trends, KPIs And More!

You Need Not Spend a Lot of Time and Money to Get User Accessible Shopify Analytics!

When a small business (or a business of any size) decides they need analytics to assess the results of their eCommerce and online business, the IT and management teams may think it necessary to adopt and train users on a complex analytical tool and to plan for data integration in order to make information and analytics accessible to users. That idea may lead the business to provide access only to IT or analysts in order to limit the time and expense required to implement the solution and the techniques.

But, if your business uses Shopify for eCommerce, your Shopify analytics solution is much simpler than that, AND your solution will allow you to provide these tools and this information to every team member, thereby creating more value and expanding data literacy and fact-based decision making throughout the organization.

With tools that integrate analytics and overlay these tools so that users have a single sign-on point within Shopify, your business can quickly and enjoy Shopify Integration and use Shopify dashboards and reports to see Sales Trends, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Customer Lifetime Value, Product Dashboards and BI Reports. Business Intelligence Reporting allows your users to leverage pre-built report formats to get the information they need and make decisions about product bundling, product pricing, customer loyalty discounts, and more!

It is easy to implement this analytical capability using a solution that Integrates Shopify With Augmented Analytics. Contact Us to today to find out how SmartenApps for Shopify can help you achieve your goals.